Where use determines the value, the highest specifications on material, quality and safety need to be met.


We offer the floating base plate for or with superstructures. The floating building is supported as on land by rigid foundation beams.  A special tying-down anchoring system makes this realisable with all water depths.


We help with approval planning, navigation and police law licensing and waterway permits for the floating structure and deliver a detailed design prepared at our company and testable structural analyses of our products.


Our products are offered in different lengths and widths and are intercombinable. Integrated ducting allows the fitting of supply and disposal systems for wastewater and drinking water facilities as well as lighting and electric power systems in all weather conditions.


Through an intelligent distribution of the high weight, we guarantee high floating stability not just for the floating landing stages and marinas, but also for multi-storey floating buildings.


No hollow bodies, thus unsinkable when conforming to prescribed load (is very high). For this reason the houses are very insurance friendly – low insurance fees.


The floating buildings have a very calm position because of their low centre of gravity.





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